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About Shanghai Zhengyi Machinery

Founded in Shanghai Songjiang Industrial Park in 1997. Professional research and development and manufacture of pellet machine ring die, roller and pellet machine related accessories. Industry advanced processing equipment, industry leading equipment scale. First – class ring die design technology and advanced processing technology.

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  • Founded in 1997

  • Pellet Mill

    Ring Die Animal Feed Pellet Mill adopts mature technology to make high-quality animal feed pellets for chicken, cattle, horse, duck, etc. with large–scale production. Based on the outstanding features of its high throughput, low consumption, and mature technology, the ring die feed pellet mill has become more and more popular and possesses a broad market share at home and abroad. It is ideal equipment for animal and poultry breeding in grain feed factories, livestock farms, poultry farms, individual farmers, feed processing industry, etc.

  • Turnkey Production Line by Zhengyi

    The company always adheres to the quality policy of “four zeros”, namely “zero defects in materials, design for turnkey production line, processing and inspection”. Customer oriented, dedicated to provide customers with high-quality products and turnkey production line services. Zhengyi will always adhere to the value of “technology is the core, quality is the life”, constantly innovate in product research and development, create value for customers, and contribute to the development of feed and food industry in China and even the world.

  • Ring Die Repair machine

    Innovatively integrate grinding inner circle, clearing hole and intern
    all counterbore in the process of ring die repair into a repair equipment.

    The cost of equipment is reduced by 40%, the occupied space of equipment
    is reduced by 60%, and the repair efficiency is improved by 30%.
    Great time-saving.

    PLC control, intelligent calculation setting repair data,
    repair l (Q process without personnel supervision).



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Ring Die Manufacturing

  • Ring Die of Spare Parts for Pellet Mill

    Ring Die of Spare Parts for Pellet Mill

    Zhengyi Ring Die of Spare Parts of Pellet mill
    Using Euro Standard X46Cr13 and strictly production process control, the products with high precision have reached the first-class level of the industry in terms of assembly size and hole wall smoothness.

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  • Turnkey Production Line

    Turnkey Production Line

    Zhengyi feed machinery industry gathers rich experience in equipment application and manufacturing and has provides equipment and turnkey projects to lots of international feed manufacturers.

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