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About Us

Shanghai Zhengyi Machinery Engineering Technology Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Company Introduce

Founded in Shanghai Songjiang Industrial Park in 1997.

Professional research and development and manufacture of pellet machine ring die, roller and pellet machine related accessories.

Industry advanced processing equipment, industry leading equipment scale.

First - class ring die design technology and advanced processing technology.


Our Production

Pellet Mill Ring Die

Pellet Mill Ring Die

Roller Shell Assembly

Roller Shell Assembly

Crumber Roller

Crumber Roller

Other Spare Parts

Other Spare Parts


Single Shaft Mixer



Wide Type Hammer Mill

Wide Type Hammer Mill

Series Contioner1

Series Contioner

Ring die Row material01

Ring die Row material

Production Line01

Automatic Packaging Machine


Parts of Production Line

Rough Processing01

Rough Processing


Parts of Production Line


Pellet mill

Finished Ring Die

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Vacuum Heat Treatment

Precision Machining


Ring Die2
Ring Die1

Main Processing Equipment

CNC gundrill machine

Quantity: 20 sets

Shorter lead time

More stable processing

Drilling Tool


High Precision

High Efficiency

Less Blind Holes

High surface finishes

High surface finishes
Vacuum Heat Treatment

Vacuum Heat Treatment

Quantity: 3 Sets

Hardness: Hrc52~55

Hardness D-value: ≤hrc1.5

Defromation: ≤0.8mm

Temper Furnance:  2 Sets

CNC Machining Center

CNC Machining Center

Vacuum Heat Treatment

Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

CNC Vertical Turning

CNC Vertical Turning

We have more than 2000 pieces of blank ring die in stock, covering all the ring die models in the group. Through high safety stock, we can reduce the blank ring die purchasing cycle, so as to ensure the supply capacity and delivery time of all group customers.

Quality Advantage

We Insist On Quality First

Metal Spectrum Analyzer

Leeb Hardness Tester

Metal Crystal Microscope

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Using ultrasonic flaw detector to check the flaw inside the row material.


Grinding  Wheel

Fine Grinding

Confirm  the Roughness

Liquid of Eroding

Mic taking Sample

The Result Analyzed by Software

Using SJ210 Roughness tester to check the roughness of holes inside surface

Hole Diameter Ra (Max) Hole Diameter Ra (Max)
<3 1.2 6.1~8 2.4
3.1~4.5 1.6 8.1~10 2.8
4.6~6 2.0 ≥10 3.2

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