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Feed plants

Feed plants

CP Feed plant at Ningbo

Capacity: 90,000 tons aquatic feed + 120,000 tons of livestock&poultry feed

Land area: 4,700 m2


- 8000 tons of corn silo +5000m³ meal silo, 90% of livestock and poultry raw materials in bulk, automatic access.

- The first epidemic prevention planning and design factory in the group adopts a number of industry-leading technologies, and the CPS system /IOT technology is fully used.

Feed plants1

Feed plants2

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Feed plants4

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Feed plants6

CP Pig Farms at Yangxi

Capacity: 6,000 swine breeding farm

Land area: 160,000 m2


•It is equipped with a large building and a small unit in the farrowing house to realize the full entry and all out of the pig flow with the farrowing house, and achieve thorough cleaning and disinfection;
•The front door is closed in the corridor, and the healthy pigs circulate to reduce the risk of cross-infection;

Set up independent drinking nipples to strengthen biosecurity.

CP Pig Farms at Yangxi1

CP Pig Farms at Yangxi2

CP Pig Farms at Yangxi3

CP Pig Farms at Yangxi4

CP Broiler Farm at Weifang

Capacity: 3.6 million layers

Land area: 454,666 m2, the largest single egg farm in Asia

Layout: 1 layer farm (20 layer houses,) and 2 pullet chicken farms

CP Broiler Farm at Weifang1
CP Broiler Farm at Weifang2
CP Broiler Farm at Weifang3

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