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De Shanghai Zhengyi Machinery

Shanghai Zhengyi Machinery Engineering Technology Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing feed processing machineries and large-scale production of pellet mill dies over 25 years, as well as the provider of environmental protection system and solutions for feed plants and aquaculture farm. CPSHZY has obtained ISO9001 certification earlier and has a number of invention patents, as well as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai.

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  • Fundavit in 1997

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  • Pellet Mill

    Ring Die Animal Feed Pellet Mill adopts mature technology to make high-quality animal feed pellets for chicken, cattle, horse, duck, etc. with large–scale production. Based on the outstanding features of its high throughput, low consumption, and mature technology, the ring die feed pellet mill has become more and more popular and possesses a broad market share at home and abroad. It is ideal equipment for animal and poultry breeding in grain feed factories, livestock farms, poultry farms, individual farmers, feed processing industry, etc.

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  • Turnkey Productio Line by Zhengyi

    Societas semper qualitati consiliorum "quattuor cyphris" adhaeret, nempe "nullarum defectuum in materia, consilium ad lineam productionis turnkey, processus et inspectionem". Mos ordinatur, dicatus clientibus praebere qualitatem productorum et turnkey productionis recta officia. Zhengyi semper inhaerebit quantitati "technologiae nucleus, qualitas vita", constanter innovant in producto investigatione et evolutione, valorem pro clientibus creant et ad industriam in Sinis et etiam in mundo pascendi et cibi incrementi conferant.

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  • Ring Die Repair machine

    Innovatively integrare stridor circuli interioris, foramen et interne
    omnia counterbore purgare in processu anuli in reparatione instrumenti mori.

    The cost of equipment is reduced by 40%, the occupied space of equipment
    is reduced by 60%, and the repair efficiency is improved by 30%.
    Magna tempor salutaris.

    PLC imperium, intelligens calculum occasus refectio data,
    l reparatio (Q processus sine curatoribus moderamen).

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+86 021 - 57780012 (officium)

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Ring Die Manufacturing

  • Annulus Die parce Partibus Pellet Mill

    Annulus Die parce Partibus Pellet Mill

    Zhengyi Ringo Die parce partium Pellet molendini
    Usura Euro Standard X46Cr13 et stricte processus productionis moderatio, producti cum summa cura pervenerunt ad primum genus industriae secundum magnitudinem muri et foraminis levitatem.

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  • Turnkey Productio Linea

    Turnkey Productio Linea

    Zhengyi machinamenta pascendi industriam in usu armorum applicationis et fabricandis divitem colligit et apparatum et turnkey incepta praebet ad sortem internationalem cibarium artifices.

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    3-7TPH feed production line

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  • Choose the best suitable die for your formula

    Choose the best suitable die for your formula

    The die is the core component in the pellet mill. And it is the key to making feed pellets. According to incomplete statistics, the cost of the pellet mill die loss accounts for more than 25% of th...

  • Granulation technology for different materials

    Granulation technology for different materials

    With the promotion and application of pellet feed in livestock and poultry, aquaculture industry, and emerging industries such as compound fertilizer, hops, chrysanthemum, wood chips, peanut shell...

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    New Arrivals – New Patented Ring Die Repair Machine   Application: Mainly used for repairing the inner chamfer (flare mouth) of the ring die, rounding the deformed inner working surface, smoo...

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