New Arrivals – New Patented Ring Die Repair Machine

New Arrivals – New Patented Ring Die Repair Machine

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New Arrivals – New Patented Ring Die Repair Machine



Mainly used for repairing the inner chamfer (flare mouth) of the ring die, rounding the deformed inner working surface, smoothing and clearing the hole (passing feeding).



Advantages than old type

1.    Lighter, smaller and more flexible

2.    More power saving

3.    One working position design, no need to change areas during repairing.

4.    Support for multiple languages

5.    High cost-effective

6.    Suitable for repairing most of ring dies in the market




Main Functions

 1. Repair the guide hole of ring die
 2. Grinding of the inner working surface of ring die
 3. hole cleaning (passing feeding).

Available size of ring die

Inner diameter ≧ 450mm
Outer diameter ≦ 1360mm
Working face width ≦ 380 mm, total width ≦500 mm
  Diameter scope of processing hole Φ 1.0 mm≦Chamfering hole diameter≦Φ5.0 mm
 Φ 2.5 mm≦Cleaning≦ Φ 5.0 mm(≦Φ2.0 are not recommended)
 Ring die scope of grinding Inner diameter ≧ 450mm
Ring die circumferential hole splitting method  Supporting wheel friction transmission
 System language Standard = Chinese and English Other languages customized
 Operation mode  Fully automatic operation


Processing efficiency

 Chamfering:1.5s/hole @ Φ3.0 mm hole(not counting the time of splitting holes in the circumference)
Cleaning (Passing feeding): depending on the depth of feeding, cleaning speed can be adjusted
Internal grinding: the maximum grinding depth ≦ 0.2 mm each time
 Spindle power and speed  3KW, speed frequency control
 Power supply  3 phase  4 Line, provide transformer for overseas voltage
 Overall Dimensions  Length * width * height: 2280mm *1410mm *1880mm
 Net Weight  Approx. 1000 kg



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