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Professional manufacturer Twin Screw Extruder
  • Professional manufacturer Twin Screw Extruder
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Professional manufacturer Twin Screw Extruder


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A wide range of applications, as can produce floats, slow sinks, sinks (Shrimp feed, crabs feed, etc.) Modularization of basic structure, through the combination of different spiral units, can meet the production of Different formula materials.
High configuration, imported gearbox, imported inverter controller, imported bearing, oil seal, imported sensor, long service life.
The density control system can be chosen to control material density reliably.
High automation and a friendly interface, can detect temperature, pressure, and other parameters online.

For the fish feed of the Extruder machine to work with the boiler, the boiler continuously can supply hot steam to the fish feed machine extrusion part. The machine can produce different sizes of pellets, from 0.9mm-1.5mm, for fish, shrimps, lobsters, crabs.
This machine adopts steam adoption and has a large capacity and quality. It's the perfect choice for middle and large aquaculture farms or fish feed pellets processing plants. We also apply this machine in the wet fish production line, please check this machine in the production line.

Equipment operation

1. High capacity and low consumption, flour material can be processed to improve pellet quality and efficiency.
2. Advance the frequency control system, with this system, it can produce different sizes pellets by changing the speed.
3. There are 4 kinds of molds that meet all sizes requirements. They are easily taken out and changed.
4. The regulator is connected with the boiler, the materials can be pre-steamed totally, so the quality and efficiency of the pellets are obviously improved.
Stable functions, it can work continuously. 

Wet Fish Feed Machine Working Principle
Since the environment of the extrusion chamber is high pressure and high temperature, so the starch in the material will become a gel, and the protein will be denaturation. This will improve the water stability and digestibility. At the same time, Salmonella and other harmful bacteria are killed in this process. When the material coming out from the extruder outlets, the pressure will disappear suddenly, then it forms the pellets. The cutting device on the machine will cut the pellets into required length.


Type Power (KW) Production (t/h)
TSE95 90/110/132 3-5
TSE128 160/185/200 5-8
TSE148 250/315/450 10-15

Spare Parts Of Extruder

Spare Parts Of Extruder

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