Type and standard of Crushing roller shell surface

Type and standard of Crushing roller shell surface

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Crushing roller shell is one of the main working parts of the pellet mill, and is widely used in the processing of various biofuel pellets, animal feed and other pellets.

During the working process of the granulator, in order to ensure that the raw material is pressed into the die hole, there must be a certain friction between the pressing roller and the material. Therefore, the pressing roller will be designed with different surface textures during production. At present, the most common types are corrugated open ended type, corrugated closed-ended type, dimpled type and so on.

Effect of Surface Texture of Press Roll Shell on Particle Quality:

Corrugated open-ended type roller shell: good coil performance, widely used in livestock and poultry feed factories.

Corrugated closed-ended type roller shell: mainly suitable for the production of aquatic feeds.

Dimple type roller shell: the advantage is that the ring die wears evenly.

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Shanghai Zhengyi Roller Shell Surface Type and Standard:


In order to facilitate customers to choose the most suitable surface for crushing roller shell, Shanghai Zhengyi has formulated the “Surface Texture Standard of the Roller Shell”, which specifies all the surface texture forms of Zhengyi’s roller shell products, as well as the range and size of each texture and its use and the aperture range of the ring die.



Corrugated Closed End



Corrugated Open End








Corrugated + Dimpled 2 rows outside



Diamond Fluted Closed End




Diamond Fluted Open End



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