Shanghai Zhengyi Attend Livestock Philippines 2022 Feed Industry Exhibition

Shanghai Zhengyi Attend Livestock Philippines 2022 Feed Industry Exhibition

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From August 24 to August 26, 2022, Livestock Philippines 2022 was held at the World Trade Center in Metro Manila, Philippines. Shanghai Zhengyi Machinery Engineering Technology Manufacturing Co., Ltd attended this fair as a manufacturer of feed machinery processing equipment and accessories, a provider of environmental protection solutions and related environmental protection equipment for feed factories, and a research and development manufacturer of microwave food equipment. This time, Shanghai zhengyi brings star products and solution for feed industry to the fair and communicate with fist class feed

The Philippine International Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Exhibition started from 1997 and has now become the largest agricultural exhibition in the Philippines. The exhibition brings together the world’s latest cutting-edge technologies and products of agriculture, poultry and animal husbandry, CPM, VanAarsen, Famsun and other domestic and foreign Well-known brand manufacturers of feeds machinery.

Since its establishment in 1997, Shanghai Zhengyi has been deeply involved in the field of feed machinery for many years. It has set up many service outlets and offices overseas. It has obtained ISO9000 certification earlier and has a number of invention patents. It is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. During the 3-day exhibition, Shanghai Zhengyi showed its own technology and advantages to Philippine customers:

1. High-quality ring die and crushing rollers and other accessories

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2. Advanced microwave photo-oxygen deodorization equipment

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3. High-precision ultrafiltration system

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4. High-precision ultrafiltration system

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While introducing the advantages of our products and technologies to the guests, we also learned about the local market demands and the latest developments in the industry in Philippines through in-depth face-to-face communication with customers, meanwhile we established contacts with customers and deepened mutual trust. We have obtained many intentional orders for ring die repair machines, ring die and crushing roller shell, chicken farm sewage treatment, and water treatments equipments.

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Shanghai Zhengyi started with the production and manufacture of feed accessories such as ring die and press rollers from more than 20 years ago. The products cover nearly 200 specifications and models and have more than 42,000 actual ring die design and production experience, involving livestock and poultry feed, cattle and sheep feed, aquatic product feed, biomass wood chips and other raw materials. Our ring die and roller shell enjoy a good reputation in the domestic and Southeast Asian markets.

In recent years, Shanghai Zhengyi has continuously innovated and developed in product research and development, and independently developed automatic intelligent ring die repairing machines, photobioreactors, microwave photo-oxygen deodorization equipment, sewage treatment equipment, and microwave food equipment. With a good reputation in the industry, Shanghai Zhengyi has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with comprehensive groups such as Chia Tai, Muyuan, COFCO, Cargill, Hengxing, Sanrong, Zhengbang, Shiyang, and Iron Knight, providing complete sets of equipment and accessories including feed machinery, Feed factory environmental protection deodorization projects, sewage treatment projects, microwave food projects and other services.

Livestock Philippines 2022 has attracted many attentions from agriculture, poultry and animal husbandry industry around the world to gather together to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, improve animal husbandry technology and production technology, and further promote industrial

upgrading and development. By participating in this exhibition, Shanghai Zhengyi not only launched Zhengyi brand to overseas markets, but also laid a solid foundation for further developing the Philippine market.

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