Restoring the ring die of pellet mill with a fully automatic ring die refurbishment machine

Restoring the ring die of pellet mill with a fully automatic ring die refurbishment machine

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In today’s era, the demand for animal feed has skyrocketed. As the demand for livestock products increases, feed mills play a vital role in meeting these demands. However, feed mills often face the challenge of maintaining and repairing ring dies, which are an essential part of producing high-quality feed pellets.
In order to solve these problems, a cutting-edge solution has emerged in the automatic ring die repair machine. This innovative device offers comprehensive functionality designed for ring die repair in feed mills.
– Clearing holes. It can effectively remove the residual material in the ring die hole. Over time, ring dies can become clogged or clogged, hindering the production process. With the hole clearing function, the reconditioning machine can easily remove any debris or obstructions in the ring die holes. This not only optimizes pellet production rates, but also reduces the risk of downtime due to frequent clogging.

- Chamfering holes. It is also excellent in hole chamfering. Chamfering is the process of smoothing and chamfering the edge of the hole on the ring die. This feature increases the overall durability and lifespan of the ring die, enabling feed mills to save on replacement costs in the long run.

- Grinding inner surface of ring die. This machine can also grind the inner surface of the ring die. By using precise grinding techniques, the machine can correct any surface irregularities or damage on the ring die. This ensures pellets are produced with the highest precision, improving feed quality and overall animal health.

  - One of the most impressive features of this state-of-the-art machine is its self-cleaning and chip collection. During refurbishment, steel shavings can build up and pose a risk to the performance and life of the ring die. The self-cleaning mechanism keeps the machine free of steel shavings, minimizing the possibility of damage. Additionally, an integrated collection system collects these documents and disposes of them properly, resulting in a cleaner and safer work environment.
The automatic ring die refurbishment machine is a changer in the field of ring die repair in feed mills. With its four key functions – grinding, hole clearing, chamfering and self-cleaning chip collection – it ensures optimum performance and service life of the ring die. By using this machine, feed mills can significantly increase productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and finally provide high-quality feed pellets that meet the needs of the industry.
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