Corrugated Roller Shell – Open end
  • Corrugated Roller Shell – Open end
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Corrugated Roller Shell – Open end


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Corrugated roller shell - 通齿

Open end type means that there are a number of straight grooves with equal intervals in the circumferential direction of the outer circumferential surface of the shell. The straight grooves are located in the axial middle of the outer circumferential surface of the pressure roller shell, and their length is equal to the width of the pressure roller shell.


Advantages: It can play the role of leveling materials in the trough direction. When the pressure is extremely high, it can partially relieve the pressure and reduce the wear between roller and ring die. The coil material has good performance and the operation is relatively stable.


Disadvantages: Material leakage is easy at both ends, causing losses; the wear on the ring die will be uneven.


The roller shell is one of the main working parts of pellet mill. Used to process various biofuel pellets, animal feed and other pellets. Using high wear-resistant alloy steel (20MnCr5), carburizing heat treatment, uniform hardness. The service life is long, and there are different types of structures such as tooth-shaped through-shaped, tooth-shaped blocked, and hole-shaped. The pressing roller part is made of internal eccentric shaft and other parts with precise dimensions, which is convenient to adjust the distance between the pressing roller and the ring die according to the user’s production requirements, and it is easy to fold and install, and it is easy to replace the pressing roller shell.



1. Correctly select the appropriate die hole compression ratio;

2. Correctly adjust the working gap between the ring die and the pressure roller to be between 0.1 and 0.3mm (the pressure roller is driven by the ring die after the new granulator is turned on in a “like rotating but not rotating” state);

3. The new ring die should be used with a new pressure roller, and the pressure roller and the ring die must be loose before and then tightened. When sharp corners appear on both sides of the pressure roller, the flange of the pressure roller should be smoothed with a hand grinder in time to facilitate a good fit between the pressure roller and the ring die;

4. The raw material must undergo preliminary cleaning and magnetic separation before the pelletizer to reduce iron pressing into the die hole. And to check the die hole regularly to see if there is any blockage. Punch out or drill out the blocked mold hole in time;

5. Plastic deformation of the guide cone hole of the ring die should be repaired. When repairing, it should be noted that the lowest part of the working inner surface of the ring die should be 2mm higher than the bottom of the overtravel groove, and there is still room for adjusting the eccentric shaft of the pressure roller after repair Otherwise, the ring die should be scrapped;

6. The pressure roller shell is made of wear-resistant alloy material by gold processing and heat treatment. The tooth surface form of the pressure roller shell has a certain influence on the granulation performance.

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