What Is The Difference Between Ring Die And Flat Die?

What Is The Difference Between Ring Die And Flat Die?

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What Is The Difference Between Ring Die And Flat Die?

The main difference between ring die and flat die lies in their structural design and function. Ring die pellet mills feature a circular ring-shaped die with holes for extruding the material, allowing for the formation of pellets as the material is compacted and forced through the holes by rollers. On the other hand, flat die pellet mills have a flat, horizontal die plate with evenly distributed holes for the material to be compressed into pellets as it is pushed through the die by a roller.Ring die pellet mills are generally more suitable for large-scale production and can be more efficient in terms of energy consumption, while flat die pellet mills are often more compact and suitable for small to medium scale production. Additionally, ring die pellet mills are typically more expensive and have a higher production capacity compared to flat die pellet mills. Ultimately, the choice between ring die and flat die pellet mills depends on the specific production needs and requirements of the user.


Ring die for Buhler pellet machine 

The ring die is the key part of pellet processing machine. The quality of ring die not only effect the cost of production , but also effect the quality of pellet. Shanghai Zhengyi have been producing ring die over 20 years. The products are widely used in CP group’s own feed mill and other famous brand. If you want to reduce cost , you must focus high quality ring die.

What Is Flat Die Pellet Machine?

A flat die pellet machine, also known as a flat die pellet mill, is a type of pelletizing machine used to compress various biomass materials into dense, uniform pellets. The machine consists of a stationary flat die and a set of rotating rollers. Biomass material (such as wood chips, sawdust, straw, corn stalks, or other agricultural residues) is fed into the machine and then compressed by the rollers against the flat die. This action generates heat and pressure, which softens the biomass material and causes it to bind together, forming cylindrical pellets.Flat die pellet machines are commonly used for small-scale production of biomass pellets for heating, animal bedding, and small-scale animal feed. They are relatively simple in design, compact, and cost-effective, making them suitable for home or small farm use. Additionally, they offer flexibility in processing different types of biomass materials.Overall, flat die pellet machines provide an efficient and convenient way to transform loose biomass materials into valuable and transportable pellets.

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